Hingham to Boston commuter boat
  I have been taking the commuter boat from Hingham to Boston since 1983. I am always describing my great commute to people, and I finally decided to document it with photos. These were taken with my cellphone on several morning trips to Boston (some sunny days, some not so sunny) and it gives you an idea of what I see each day on my 30-minute boat ride. Each boat has a galley where passengers can get drinks and snacks, and after working all day it's especially nice to relax with a beer or a glass of wine on the way home. The boat ride is generally a pretty gentle way to travel, but I have to admit at least one time we had a little unexpected turbulence!
Boats in Boston Harbor is another page I created with photos of some of the boats I see.
My thanks to Lynda Steverman of Boston Harbor Cruises for the photo of the swan family.
  • Take a virtual tour of one of the commuter boats
  • View the boat schedule
  • I uploaded a CNN iReport containing a link to this page after reading an article about how high gas prices are affecting people's commutes.

Please note: Many of the areas along the shore have had a lot of development since these photos were taken. The Long Island bridge (pictured below), which was at the half-way point between Hingham and Boston, was condemned in 2014 and torn down. I made a slideshow showing the changes I've seen taking place to Fan Pier over the years.

Commuting by water from Hingham to Boston...   (click any photo to enlarge and start a slideshow at that point)

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  One time a saw a guy who did not want to wait for the next commuter boat to leave for Boston. He hailed a small boat in the shipyard and hopped on board.

  See Fan Pier development photos.

For you programmers, I'm using a perl program, boat_commute.pl, to generate the content on this page.