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"I want to stay as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can't see from the center." — Kurt Vonnegut
was launched in 1996 to share things that interest me, express some philosophy and opinions, put up family photos and information, provide links to interesting sites, and just simply to entertain. Generally speaking, the content of the site is what I consider interesting, amusing, stimulating, educational, technical, and hopefully non-offensive—and I try to verify that my links go to sites with the same standards. My website is totally non-commercial.

The main pages on the site are accessed by clicking on the blue buttons above left, and the icons on the upper right are links to various topics on the website. Across the top of each page is a menu of navigation links for the page on display, and on the title-bar of each page is a drop- down Site index menu providing direct access to the other pages. Sometimes I put a little to go back to the top of a section on a page. To speed up the loading of the pages I have tried to minimize the size of graphics that will immediately appear, and I have provided small thumbnail images to click on to see enlargements of the photos.

Links on the webpages are displayed in several ways (your browser must allow webpages to choose their own colors for these to work in CSS): Favicons for sites that have them are shown next to the link menus I put on most pages.

Except for a little section on Family news the site is not a blog with frequent updates (for that see me on Facebook) but as I discover new web methods and as my passions for things change I will continue to make regular additions and modifications. I try to keep things accurate, and update or remove things that are no longer valid, but technology changes can occur faster than my website updates, so some things may not always be current.
Enjoy your visit and come back soon.

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