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  My website originally consisted of one homepage with links to sites I had bookmarked in my browser in a format similar to what you see here. This page, the last remnant of that, functions as sort of a catch-all now, in the categories above. Here are some of those sites (plus a few more). Some are remarkable, some are silly, I think all are worth a visit. You be the judge.

As you can imagine, a lot of these links will change or cease to exist from time to time, so I periodically run a link checker to verify and correct (or delete) them. I try to do this on all my pages.

Favicons for sites that have them are shown next to the links.


World Wide Web – this is the world's first website created at CERN in 1993, reassembled in 2013


RinkWorks – online entertainment
     The Dialectizer – after some controversy, the Dialectizer is back!
     Fun With Words – a celebration of the English language
The Oracle of Bacon – the Kevin Bacon game
Greeting Cards by 123Greetings – allows you to schedule the card to be sent on a given day
sodaconstructor – this is really cool
The Internet Archive – take the Wayback Machine to websites of the past
     My site on the archive
The Nerdity Test – Version (5x³-3x)/2
Rediff Guide to the Net: Features:Do All Orientals Look The Same? – take the test
Go To Quiz – some interesting quizzes
     What kind of accent do you have? – living half my life on the West coast and half my life on the East coast I may be a combination
     What mental disorder do you have? – and you thought you were healthy
Parkour.NET – an art to help you pass any obstacle; to go from point A to point B using only the possibilities of the human body
StepWhere? – find Running, Walking and Hiking Trails
     Hingham Cemetery – my daily dog walking route
Virtual Age Calculator – What is your life expectancy?
Young Me / Now Me – then and now photos
     youngmenowme blog
Draw a Stickman – pretty cool!
World Heritage List – cultural and natural heritage sites around the world
     Silly & entertaining
h2g2 - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy – a guide to life, the universe and everything
MovieMistakes.com – watch films differently
Webby Awards – the "Oscars of the Internet"
Welcome to Crunchy Gods
TheSimpsons.com – explore the world of The Simpsons
King Features Syndicate – distributor of comics and editorial cartoons to newspapers
RoadTrip America: Funny Signs
Mullets Throughout History – everything you ever wanted to know about the hairstyle
Dave's Classic Limousine Pictures
Typo Hunt Across America – the Typo Eradication Advancement League (TEAL) hits the road (read the blog—it's hilarious!)
Juggling Information Service
Australian Slang
Legendary Surfers – by Malcolm Gault-Williams
Am I Annoying? – the most and least annoying people and things (based on votes)
Real Names of Famous Folk
NNDB – tracking the activities of noteworthy people, both living and dead
The Apostrophe Protection Society (APS)
Kilroy Was Here – the origin of this slogan
Google Trends – see what the world is searching for
Yiddish Glossary – from my bashert to my zaide
Teen Chat Decoder
Interesting United States Weather Facts and Extremes
MIStupid.com – Stupid Facts
Life's Little Mysteries
National Hurricane Center – get updates and find out what precautions to take on storms
The Smoking Gunserious amusement
The Obscure Store & Reading Room
Jerry Dunn - America's Marathon Man – 200 marathons in a year!
Molecular Expressions: The Silicon Zoo – computer chips under the microscope
Large Letter Postcards
MC Hawking's Crib – Stephen Hawking himself (the Hawkman) enjoyed this site
Shopcat.com – a site for cat lovers
Julian Beever – anamorphism in Pavement drawings, wall murals, fine art paintings
     More Julian Beever
Eric Grohe Murals and Design – check out his Works In Progress and Projects
Akiyoshi's illusion pages
xkcd – a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language
The Quotations Page
Gizmodo.com   the Gadget Guide
Bill's Retro World – some great memories here
Julian Opie – his LED walking sculptures of Julian and Suzanne (click to see this! ) were exhibited by the ICA on the Northern Ave. bridge in Boston for awhile
Famous Armenian Inventors – I got this from my colleague Ariss, who is Armenian
List of motor yachts by length
     A Look At 20 Of The World's Most Staggering Yachts
What's Your Number? – figure out where you fit in the 7 billion world population
Damn You, Auto Correct!
The 50 Worst Cars of All Time
Diffen.com – compare anything
The Top 75 'Pictures of the Day' for 2012 – click on any of these fantastic photos for more info
The Cayan Tower – one of many twisted buildings in the world
TinEye – reverse image search
AFI's 100 Greatest Movie Quotes
18 most annoying things people do in airports – includes a link to 20 most annoying things people do on planes
House styles
World University Rankings | Times Higher Education (THE)
The U.S.-Canada Border Slash
The Brown sisters - Forty Portraits in Forty Years – click on the first photo to start a slideshow of the rest
An Amazing, But Little Known, 9-11 Story

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Personal websites (many of my Friends also have websites)
 There are other people besides me who have the passion (and time) to put together an extensive personal website.
Pangaea's Wandering Website – the travels of a couple who live aboard their sailboat
dylang (Dylan Greene) ยท GitHub
Paul English's Blog – creator of Find-A-Human cheat sheet - a nice website & blog
Robert Christgau's Web Site – music editor of the Village Voice
Friends & Family – I have some websites of friends here

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Information (for technical info see Internet & technology links)
     Dictionaries & grammar reference
Merriam-Webster OnLine
OneLook® Dictionary Search – search dictionary web sites for words and phrases
yourDictionary.comhuge reference in many languages
     Specialty Dictionaries
AskOxford.com – classic grammar errors and helpful hints
Quoting Sources – when and how to quote from a published work
Urban Dictionary1 – a slang dictionary
     Entertainment  (see also Music)
The Internet Movie Database1
Rotten Tomatoes – movie reviews
     Best movies (Tomatometer of 100%)
     Worst movies (Tomatometer of 0%)
Movie Review Query Engine (MRQE)
All Music Guide1 – a highly cross-referenced database of music and musicians with sample cuts
     General reference
Wikipedia1 – online encyclopedia
Information Please – online Dictionary, Internet Encyclopedia, & Almanac Reference
Bartleby.com – unlimited access to books and information
Virtual Reference Collection: MIT Libraries
Librarians' Index to the Internet
The Internet Public Library
Refdesk.com - Facts Subject Index
How Stuff Works – like the title says
Fact Monster – Online Almanac, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, and Homework Help
Directions Magazine – your GIS News Source
Popular baby names – get top male & female names of any year from the Social Security Administration
The Six Living Generations In America
     Global, geographical, historical, & cultural
World Facts and Figures
CIA World Factbook
History Central
Global Statistics
World Rulers
Geographic.org - Geography, climate, countries, Maps, Flags, Population
Area Codes for U.S. and Canada
Flags Of The World
License Plates of the World
The Kennedy Assassination Home Page
Taliban restrictions on Afghan women – too outrageous to list under Amusement
World Wonders – the Seven Wonders, etc.
Judaism 101
Historical Maps of the United States – General Libraries, University of Texas at Austin
Vietnam Wall – memorializing those who gave their lives in Vietnam
BrainyHistory – what happened on any day in history, including birthdays
Today in History – historic events and birthdays for ANY day
Harvard Dialect Survey Results – interesting study on how words are pronounced in different regions of the country
U101 College Search – Directory of Colleges and Universities in the United States and Canada
Kid Info – homework and student, teacher/parent reference resource
About: Homework Help – links and info about a variety of subjects
U.S.A. Geography Web Games
A Dictionary of Units of Measurement
Interactive Units Converter
The Universal Currency Converter
Weather Underground – get current conditions and forecasts for anywhere
FactCheck.org – reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics
Gethuman – steps to find a human on companies' automated phone-systems (previously Find-a-Human)
Travelocity.com – online reservations
The Speedtrap Exchange – I hear this knowledge actually discourages speeding
World Architecture – 1000 places to see
Digital Archive of American Architecture
American Architecture – American house styles starting in the 17th century
Artcyclopedia – the Fine Art search engine
License Plates USA – United States License Plates
American Rhetoric: Top 100 American Speeches by Rank Order
Dead or Alive? – keeps track of celebrities
Daily Download – spotlight on the media
Obsessive-Compulsive's Guide: Top 12 Organizing Tips
FlightAware – live flight tracking—check delays and cancellations
Transforming World Atlas – some interesting facts about a changing world from Bank of America / Merrill Lynch
Forward Progressives – Forward Thinking for Progressive Action
This Day in History – What Happened Today
Travel Alerts and Travel Warnings
Tracking Your Travels: Landmarks Around the World

1 Website is maintained by member users

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Government & Civic (don't miss Political satire)
U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Supreme Court
The Whitehouse
POTUS.com – the Presidents of the United States
     Massachusetts' senators (my home state)
Ted Kennedy's website
John Kerry's website
     Departments & agencies
The Library of Congress
U.S. Census Bureau
     State & County QuickFacts
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
Social Security Administration
Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)
U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)
     National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) – auto safety issues, including recalls
U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
     The Vault – search FBI records
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
     The World Factbook
     Consumer & citizen support
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Better Business Bureau
Federal Consumer Information Center (FCIC)
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
Consumer.gov – your resource for consumer information from the federal government
Consumer Protection Association
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
LocalCensus.com – Census & Business Information
The Federal Web Locator – Federal Government information at your fingertips
Resources for Legislative Researchers - THOMAS (Library of Congress) – includes current voting records
U.S. Constitution
The Federal Judiciary
Capitolimpact.com – governmental and political information
United States Postal Service (USPS)
     ZIP Code Look-Up and Address Information
United Nations
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
     Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – this stuff is so cool
Nations Online Project – A Destination Guide to Countries and Nations of the World
50states.com – States and Capitals, also flags, songs, birds, etc.
The Official U.S. Time – exhibits about time, clocks, daylight saving, and calendars
Clinton Presidential Center – Bill's got a website now
A Guide to The United States Supreme Court

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Maps (there are also a few map links in the Information section)
Google Maps – check out the Street View
Bing Maps - cool Bird's Eye views (this is Microsoft's answer to Google)
World Maps
     World Map (Political) 2002
Quick Maps
Infoplease Atlas
Maps and Geography of the World
Yahoo! Maps and Driving Directions
World timezones map – shows current times around the world in 12- or 24-hour format
     US timezones
Lynn Salmon's Map Resources – links to maps
Live Weather Images: WeatherImages.org – radar & satellite imagery, weather maps, & weather cams

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Blogs (weblogs)
Wet Asphalt – my nephew Eric
JonesWare Central – my neighbors across the street
New York Hack – cabbie Melissa Plaut talks about life in NYC
Cabs Are For Kissing – NYC cabbie Eugene Salomon
Pictures From A Taxi – NYC cabbie Eugene Salomon
MetaFilter Community Weblogwe're all in this together
     My friend Karl's posts
Albino Blacksheep
Margaret Cho BLOG
Talking Points Memo – by Joshua Micah Marshall
everlasting blort – diving for the wisdom of pearls in your eyes
Blogger.com – push-button publishing for the people
Dave Barry's Blog – the unofficial Dave Barry blog
GuardianUnlimited - TheWeblog – from the UK
Jeremy Zawodny's blog: The 10 Habits of Highly Annoying Bloggers
Blogdex – the weblog diffusion index
The Smirking Chimp – expresses so many of my views
15 Minute Lunch
Globe of Blogs – browse by title, topic, or location
Blog Catalog
eTalkingHead – political blog directory

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Get the truth See more under Hoaxes & Urban legends
 What is the real story behind what you read in the newspaper or see on television or online?
Politifact.com – sorting out the truth in politics
Snopes.comrumor has it
Truthdig – drilling beneath the headlines
CNN Political Ticker – all politics, all the time Fact Check
The Straight Dope – Fighting Ignorance Since 1973

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Amusing videos and Multimedia
  This is a central location on my website for multimedia files. Amusing videos are now located on the Videos page.

     Video sites
     TV shows and movies
Hulu – owned by NBC
TV.com – owned by CBS
     Audio   (see more under Email jokes)
War of the Worlds – this 1938 Orson Wells radio broadcast caused panic in the U.S.
Telemarketer's Nightmare Call – a hilarious recording from a radio show
MP3 songs
My songs

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Photography (see also Panoramas, Webcams, and of course, my Gallery page)
Wynn White Photography – my childhood friend, Wynn now lives in Japan
Pictures of USA & Asia, cities & landscapes – by Keith Stanley
Dan Heller Photography – over 10,000 photographs from around the world
Aerials Only Gallery – aerial photography of the U.S.
California Coastal Records Project – Ken Adelman's aerial photography of the California coast
The Top 75 'Pictures of the Day' for 2012 – click on any of these fantastic photos for more info
75 amazing sports moments of 2012 – moments you probably missed

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Paris 26 Gigapixels
Kekus Digital
     Wall Street, NYC
360VR Studio
Euro VR – dedicated to the promotion of European VR photographers
Virtual China
Metis - Ancient Greek Archaeological Sites
Oriental Institute Virtual Museum Tours
Mars Pathfinder
The Village – from The Prisoner
The Multimedia Library's QTVR Links
WorldWide VR Panorama Links
Raymond Kam's Vancouver VR
Don Bain's Virtual Guidebooks – 3000 virtual reality panoramas of the Western U.S. and Canada

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Webcams (see more webcams at Boston and New York City)
EarthCam - Webcam Network
WebCam Central
CAMSCAPE.com – Over 2500 Worldwide
Marcus' Live Streaming Video Cams
Sidney on View – live streaming video from Sidney Harbour
WebCam World – thousands of webcams sorted by country
UK Webcams – The UK and Ireland Webcam Search Directory
WebcamSearch.com – Over 11,000 Sites Throughout the World
The World Webcam Directory – Your Source For Live Webcams
TrafficLand.com – Washington, DC, traffic cams

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Satellite views(read more at Slashdot)
GlobeXplorer – clickable & zoomable images
TerraServer – clickable & zoomable images
Space Imaging

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     TV & radio  (FM streaming audio on the Music page)
Discovery Channel
PBS Online


National Geographic
The Nation
The Atlantic
The American Prospect
Business Week

     Groupings of news sites  (find more news sites on the Main page)

The Wire – Associated Press links
NewspaperLinks.com – hosted by the Newspaper Association of America

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Healthopedia.com – a health encyclopedia
MedicineNet.com – MedTerms Medical Dictionary Index
     ADAM Medical Encyclopedia
RxList - the Internet drug index
Travel Health Online
MD Travel Health
Discovery Health
American Heart Association
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
World Health Organization (WHO)
National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
     Health Related Hoaxes and Rumors
ClinicalTrials.gov – linking patients to medical research
National Institute on Aging
     Alzheimers Disease Education & Referral Center (ADEAR)
Find a Doctor – Doctor Reviews & Ratings


Alternative Health News Online
National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)

     Do it yourself

Herbal Remedies
Active First Aid Online

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The Sixties (for 60s music see the Music page)
 I graduated from high school in 1966 and started my many years of college in the late 60s, so I was primed to experience all that time had to offer.
The Psychedelic '60s – an interesting study from the U. of Virginia
pOoTer's pSycheDelic shAcK – psychedelia, acid rock, garage, 60's punk
The Summer of Love
Photographs from the Sixties – Viet Nam and the San Francisco Bay Area 1966-1971
Baby Boomer HeadQuarters: the Sixties
1969 Woodstock Festival & Concert
Wavy Gravy's Homepage
Hippy.com: Welcome to Hippyland
The Summer Of Love - Gallery
Robert Altman Photography – pages of 60s photos
The history of the PEACE SIGN
Eel Pie Dharma – a memoir / haibun, by Chris Faiers
     An interview with a Vietnam draft resister 35 years later – sounds like we had a common experience
Lars Kampman's Memoirs – a journal about the Anonymous Artists of America
R. Crumb, cartoonist

      Robert Crumb was one of the most prolific underground cartoonists of the late 60s.
      Zap Comix, which featured so much of his work, are available in reprints (I still have my original copies).

Crumb Products – the Crumb family site
Robert Crumb - Wikipedia
Crumb Newsletter
The Crumb Museum
Crumb (the movie)
Don Markstein's Toonopedia: R. Crumb
Heroes of the Blues, by R. Crumb
Fritz the Cat – at Wikipedia
Fantagraphics Books: Robert Crumb
Comic creator: Robert Crumb – at Lambiek.Net
Crumb books at Amazon

Ken Kesey, author, 1935-2001
Click for obit

Key-Z Productions
The Merry Pranksters
IntrepidTrips.com – the official Prankster site
Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters
Ken Kesey & the Merry Pranksters (from the U. of V. study)
The Beat Page - Ken Kesey
Digital Interviews: Ken Kesey
Sites about Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters
The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test – a Tom Wolfe book about Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters
Guardian Unlimited Obituary

 The sixties was not all fun and games. Read about some of the values I formed in Where I stand including my battle with the draft board.

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Charity Navigator – check out a charity before making a donation
With a daily mouse-click from the following sites you can make free donations.
Free Donation Sites – many, many sites
Stop HIV
FreeDonation.com – support many causes
Give Water
The Hunger Site – use tabs on top of site for others
End Homelessness Now
Plant-a-Tree – saving the planet, one click at a time
Clear Landmines
EcologyFund.com – see Boston Globe review