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  I was inspired to create this page for those of you who live too far away to see my family in person. I have always enjoyed visiting the sites of others who have done this. The images are arranged in reverse chronological order. As I add pictures to this page I try to insert them where they belong in the date sequence, so the most recent additions may not always be at the top.

Snapshots  Originally I intended this page to be a place for family photos, but it also seemed an appropriate place to show other photos I want on my website, so I have created a new section at the bottom with links to more pages of photos. Now that the boys have grown up and departed—and I am using my cellphone more frequently as a camera—this section will probably grow the fastest.

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Recent photos
    Facebook – seems to be getting more of my photos these days...
    Eric's late mother, Immy, at ages 19 and 98 (she died this year)

    Eric vists his mother, Immy, at her place in Boise

    Our 2016 holiday card

    Patti and I remodeled and moved into another house in 2016; here are photos

    Ben conducting a class at Twitter in San Francisco (I got this from a TV news video)

    Patti, Alex, and Laura in Brooklyn

    Alex and Laura in Brooklyn

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    Patti's late brother, Ed

    Alex and Laura (cropped from a photo with others in it)

    Alex and Ben, spanning about 25 years

    We bought a new house to remodel

    We had one of our worst winters for snow (also on Facebook)

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    Our 2014 holiday card

    Patti in Jamaica

    Ben in Jamaica after shaving

    Ben and Patti in Jamaica

    Ben in India

    Alex and Laura

    Eric - I had recent photos of everybody except me, so here is my selfie (that's Quincy Market in Boston)

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    Our 2013 holiday card

    Patti, Eric, and our niece, Heather

    Patti and I with Peter and Karen at Marina Bay, Quincy, MA

    Patti at the Wee Kirk o' the Heather wedding chapel in Las Vegas, where my parents were married in 1942, now a historical landmark

    Eric, Patti, and Alex with Grandma in Boise

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    Our 2012 holiday card

    Eric and brother David at his place in Burke, VA (David passed away this year from Alzheimer's)

    Casey is our new puppy!

    The whole family on Patti's birthday in our family room – Eric, Ben, Patti, Alex, Laura

    Alex and Laura spent the 2012 summer in Europe! (Turkey photos, Crete photos, Greek islands photos)

    Alex's cat Monstar (aka Baby) is staying with us this summer while Alex is in Europe

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    Our 2011 holiday card (GW campus, Washington, DC)

    Ben's graduation from George Washington University

    On GW campus in Washington, DC

    Eric, Ben, & Patti's brother Arthur in Georgetown

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    Our 2010 holiday card (Paris)

    Patti and Eric rode Segways in Boston (Patti made a photo album on Facebook)

    We took a trip to Europe in 2010

    Ben in Amsterdam

    Mandy in the little cat-house she ignored for years

    Alex's cat Monstar (we call her Baby) stayed with us part of the summer

    Patti & cousin Morty

    Patti at our nephew Eric's wedding

    My brother David and his daughter Heather. David died of Alzheimer's in 2012 at age 66.

    On the Palindrome date (01-02-2010) I slipped in the icy driveway and broke my arm

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    Our 2009 holiday card picture

    Hayley in our driveway before plowing

    Patti with college friends in Colorado

    Patti with Eric's high school friend Skip in Idaho

    Eric with mother at her retirement center in Boise

    Ben in Barcelona

    Alex, Patti, Ben, Eric at Gadsby's Tavern, Old Town Alexandria, VA

    Patti at the Newseum, Washington, DC, part of a slideshow

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    Our 2008 holiday card picture

    Posing with Red Auerbach at Quincy Market in the days after the Celtics won the 2008 NBA title

    Eric & mother Immy in Boise


    Hayley   (we go for daily dog walks)

    Eric & Patti at a wedding

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    Our 2007 holiday card pictures

    Immy and her three boys—Ed, Eric, and David (see us in 1955)
  Alex, Ben, and Eric in back
Rosenfields (Ed, Arthur, Jonathan, Megan, & Jon) in front

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    Our 2006 holiday card picture


    Ben, the thespian

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    Our 2005 holiday card picture

    Patti & Eric in Old Saybrook

    The boys and their cars.


    Pepper, our new kitten

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    Our 2004 holiday card picture

    My family of origin—David, Eric, Ed, & Mom (Immy)

Eric & Patti at a party with friends Jim & JoAnne.

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    Atlantis Hotel, Bahamas – our 2003 holiday card picture



    Alex in the Bahamas

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    At sunset in Mallory Square, Key West – our 2002 holiday card picture

    Hayley at 8 months

    After several months apart, Hayley had a reunion with some of her siblings

    Mandy grows up

    Hayley is our new puppy

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    On the Cape – our 2001 holiday card picture

    Alex from his Hingham High football team photo

    Mandy, our new kitten

    Patti described this as my befuddled professor look

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    Our 2000 holiday card picture

    Ben dancing with Carli

    At the Statue of Liberty, New York City (note the WTC Twin Towers)

    Alex and Eric

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    Our 1999 holiday card picture

    Alex playing basketball in driveway

    Bel and Hunter

    Right before haircut

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    Hingham in the fall – our 1998 holiday card picture

    One last long hair fling at age 50.

    At a Bar Mitzvah in New York

    Mysty, one of our 2 cats    Bel, our golden retriever

    Ben (holding Mysty) and Grandma (holding Hunter)

    Grandma Immy (my mother) on a glacier in Alaska

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    Hingham Harbor with Bel
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    Vacationing in Seattle – our 1995 holiday card picture

    At our nephew's graduation party

    Ben and Bel

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    The family with Grandma (Immy) and Bel

    Ben and Bel at World's End, Hingham   

    Ben with a couple of his architectural wonders
    Wooden blocks    Paper cups

    Ben and Bel

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    Jessie, our Australian Shepherd, was with us from 1978 to 1993.
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    Alex starts school in September

    In Sedona, Arizona

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    Dick Tracy and Phantom Of The Opera go trick-or-treating

    In our yard


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    The family


    Ben enjoys some watermelon

    Alex at Lion Country Safari, Florida

    Ben and Eric

    Brotherly love

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    Alex is the third Pence generation to wear these chaps, 1989

    In our living room, 1987

    Alex plays with bubbles, 1987

    Eric, Patti, and Alex, 1986    Eric and Patti, 1986

    My brother, David, and his daughter, Heather, 1984

    Eric, Patti, and Jessie, 1983

    Patti and Jessie, 1980

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    Our wedding, July 29, 1979.
  We were married at an antique house in Waltham, MA, named The "Vale" (click for photos of the estate)

  Special songs for Patti and me
  With our folks Eric's family Patti's family

    Patti and Eric sailing, about 1978

    Patti, 1978

    Patti and her dog Ben, 1977

    Me, 1976

    Jan and L.A., 1975

    My best friends Jan and L.A., 1974

    With college friend L.A. in Boston, 1974

    As a Berklee College of Music student, 1973

    Me in Seattle, 1972

    David, Eric, & Ed, about 1971

    In parents' Idaho front yard with brother Ed, 1970

    Playing my Martin guitar, 1970

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    With my buddy Bill and brother Ed, 1969

    With Seattle friends, 1969 (4 of us have reconnected on Facebook in 2010)

    On the ferry from Seattle to Victoria, BC, 1969

    With Seattle friends, 1968

    Letting my hair grow, 1967

    Playing cards in dorm as a college freshman at University of Idaho, 1966

    High school senior picture, 1966

    As a Boys State delegate, 1965

    14 years old and licensed to drive in Idaho, 1962

    Using that greasy kid stuff at age 12, 1960

    With neighbor Bobby as beatnik musicians, 1960

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    My class pictures from grades 1-6 at Payette Eastside Elementary, 1954-1960
   1st grade
Miss Hisa
2nd grade
Mrs. Hickerson
3rd grade
Mrs. Barrett
4th grade
Mrs. Hill
5th grade
Mrs. Betts
6th grade
Mrs. Williams

    My family-of-origin visits Washington, DC, 1956   (Ed wasn't with us that day)

    The Pence boys—Ed, Eric, David—about 1955

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    Eric, 1949

    David & Eric, 1949

    Pences, 1949

    Eric (at 1 month) with Mom, 1948

    My parents in their San Francisco days, 1945


    Immy and Jack (my parents) when they met in college, 1938, good looking people

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Snapshots     ( main Gallery page above )

      My cellphone photos

My cellphone is like a camera that I have with me at all times, and I am using Perl and Ajax to display these photos I have taken with it on webpages.
2015 snowstorms – also on Facebook
2011 snowstorms – also on Facebook
Previous house   – this was our previous house that we sold in 2016 and moved to this house
Commuter boat photos
Boats in Boston Harbor
Fan Pier – development I see every day
Dog walks – in memory of Lucy
Florida vacations photos
Washington photos
Clinton photos
Ice sculptures
Leon's Bentley
Salacia ferry photos
Seth Thomas clock
Mom's apartment
Boise visit
Segway photos
Old Saybrook
2006 St. Patricks Day Party

      More photo pages on my website

Blizzard of '78 I walked around and took these after that famous storm; they've actually been used in a couple of books
Europe photos from a 2010 trip to Europe
Super Bowl Party, 2004 these were taken by friend JoAnne's brother, Paul
The Big Dig these were taken by a friend of mine of the Big Dig highway construction project
Mypics my first digital photos (a couple of slideshows of some of these photos: San Francisco, Snowfall, 2005)
Aerial photos some great aerial photography I have found on the web
Boston aerials aerial photos of Boston I have found on the web
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Remote photo pages

Wynn White Photography    my friend Wynn provides some beautiful photography and some great digital imaging resources, and best of all for me, all the way from Japan he has helped me with some of my images on this website (see more from Wynn on my Friends page)
The Lyman Estate the antique house Patti and I rented for our wedding in 1979