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  These are websites, mostly personal but also a few commercial, created by people to whom I have a personal connection. Many of my friends have profiles on Facebook, which is like having a website. I have also created a section on my site for Friends' videos.

Family – Ben (my son) is a Twitter programmer Phoenixpyre – Alex (my son) was in a band several years ago – my nephew Eric lives in New York
     Résumé – Eric's resume
Wet Asphalt – Eric's blog
Nancy Rosen Watercolors – Nancy, a retired doctor, was married to my brother-in-law, Arthur
Pence Properties – my cousin Bert lives in Austin, TX

Friends & acquaintances

ClearlyFrozen – my friend Jim has the means to create clear ice cubes
JonesWare Central – my neighbors across the street (view in any language) – one of the things Jen and I have in common is our birthday
     Ofenstein Consulting Group
Just Plain Fun – Julie's crocheting site shows off her artistic skills
Authors 4 Kids – Janet's business is connecting students with book people
Windmark Partners – Russ was a roomate and buddy when I lived in Seattle
The Harmony House Project – Chris was a Seattle friend, is now an architect in Vancouver, Canada
Mayaguana Group – my friend Jim's development project; son Ben created the intro
Twice Knit - Jamar is a long-time friend from Seattle
Buzzco Associates - Candy is my friend Jim's friend
Zinzins in California – Ian is my friend Jim's friend, and we are Facebook friends and exchange emails sometimes
Life is Beautiful - Desirée and I are actually from the same town 35 years apart; we met on a plane
David Gonzalez Music – David is a friend's son I've known since he was a kid; he also went to Berklee – Aganaze lives with my brother Ed in California
     Aganaze sings on YouTube
     Pupperville School Days – my friend Michael was a commuter boat companion

Childhood associations

Payette High School Class of 1966 – a page devoted to my classmates
Wynn White Photography – my friend since elementary school, Wynn is a photographer living in Japan
     Family Photos
     Vandyke Notes – Wynn's article on using the Vandyke process
     Wynn's Gallery at
Skipio's – Skip and I go all the way back to 1st grade
Cheryl K. Shurtleff – Cheryl was a high school classmate (who passed away in 2015)
     BSU Faculty page – Cheryl was an artist and an art professor
MetaFilter posts – Karl Kotas, a childhood friend

Colleagues (current and former)

Ban Ali Design – Ban
FunWorld "Family Entertainment" Nashua, New Hampshire – Jessica – Keith
Xscape from Elba – Josh
colleensdesigns – Colleen