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  Surveys show that 3 out of 5 of the most visited places on the Internet are search sites. One way to achieve great satisfaction with your time online is to successfully locate something you are searching for. There are many top search engines and subject directories to help you, and knowing how to use them is key to this success. I recommend viewing the Help or Tips pages for the search sites you use. I've provided some Search tips below.

The Search form at the top allows to you use the search engine of your choice. Having one form go to multiple search engines can be useful if you want to repeat your search on more than one search engine without re-entering the search text each time. This form also appears on my Home page.

Here are several sites that give some very helpful information about using search tools on the Internet.

Search Engine Watch – user's tips, webmaster's tips, and search engine ratings
     Power Searching For Anyone – very helpful
Internet Tutorials – great search tips here
The Spider's Apprentice - A Helpful Guide to Web Search Engines
Best Search Tools Chart – comparisons of various search engines

  For another view of how search engines have entered our lives see A Nation of Voyeurs, which describes "How the Internet search engine Google is changing what we can find out about one another - and raising questions about whether we should."

Search tips
  Individual search engines may have features that distinguish them from each other, but in general they all have many similarities in the way they function. Some offer choices for searching on a specific phrase, or they can allow you to specify that ALL the words must be found, but the default for most is for ANY of the words you enter to be found. The following techniques can help narrow your search, but keep in mind that not all these will work on all search engines. You will find what works best for you on the search engine of your choice. Case sensitivity varies among search engines.

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Search engines

  Over the years many of the search engines have become 'portals' by providing directories of subject categories in addition to their search capabilities, so the distinction between these two types of sites has sometimes become blurred. I have them grouped here based on the formats they had when I first became aware of them.

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Phone directories

AnyWho – from AT&T, includes reverse-lookup – from Verizon, includes reverse-lookup – includes reverse-lookup for phone#, area-code, zipcode
Yahoo! People Search – telephone, email, etc.
InfoSpace White Pages
     Reverse Lookup – includes 800-numbers
Bigfoot – telephone, email, etc.
Switchboard – find people or businesses, reverse-lookup
Telephone Directories on the Web

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Search maps(there are many more map links on the Favorites page)

Google Maps – check out the Street View
Bing – cool Bird's Eye view

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Assorted search sites

Google Groups – search Usenet newsgroups, formerly DejaNews
Whatis?com – an IT-specific encyclopedia
KidsClick! – websearch for kids by librarians
IBM Search – search AS/400 sites – search Lotus Domino sites

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These are some of the sites where you can search for videos.