Flash Video Player

I downloaded the Flash Video Player I am using on my website. If you want your own copy of this player to play FLV files on a webpage you can get it there or you can click on flvplayer.swf with the right mouse button and select Save Link (or Target) As... to get this one. Occasionally you will download a flash file that won't show the progress on the slider in the player. You can fix this with FLV MetaData Injector.

  • View the source of this page if you want to see how I am using it here.
  • Go to my Programming page if you want to see how I am using it in popups on my website.

Stanley Clarke - School Days

I made this video clip from a DVD I own of the concert Live at Montreux 1994. To pause it in this player you can click the little pause icon on the left end of the control bar or you can just click on the video itself. Either pause method puts a little unpause icon on the video.