PHS class of 1966 - 50th reunion, 2016

Not all faces showing.
Front: Mollie Minow, Sharon Hanson Albright, Sue Tichenor, Margaret Snook Heide, Sherill Raby Rhodes, Melanie Glover Turner, and Travis Nicholson.
2nd Row: Bob Taisey, Debby Watts Taisey, Patty Sakahara Iseri, Colina Megorden Stanton, Irene Bratcher, Janet S. Jarboe, Rick Debban, Ron Shurtleff, Mike Millard, Tom Whaley, Bill Chalke.
Back row: Harold Rhodes, Mike Aldrich, Cathy Wiens Taylor, JoAnne Nagaki Fortier, Kathy Clark Strawn (hidden), Marlena Harper (partly hidden), Pat Loper Dille (partly hidden), Jim Boyer (partly hidden), Gerri Scott Bishop, Skip Cockerum, Kathy Handley Wagers (partly hidden), John Rogge (looking sideways), Mike Frazier, Ira Yokom (partly hidden), Ron French Jan Rogers-Levy, Eric Pence, Gratia Hasness, Phyllis Braden Mineau, Lynn Wininger (partly hidden)

This photo is from the Saturday night dinner at the Portia Club. Lyla Graden Aldrich posted it with all the names on Facebook.