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This is the house in Hingham Square (the house is visible in this view) Patti and I lived in from 1982 till 2016 and raised our 2 sons in. It was built in 1903, when houses were still styled Victorian with nice moldings and wainscoting, but with modern engineering and architecture that included indoor plumbing and electricty. The 2-story addition seen on the right in the first photo below, with the screened-porch and deck, we put on in 1991, using an architect to keep with the style of the house. It has a family room on the first floor and the master bedroom above it. We have many memories of living here but decided that with the boys grown and departed and only 2 of us here now, it was time to downsize (this 3600 sq ft house has 10 rooms including 6 bedrooms, 3½ bathrooms, and a dining room) and we have bought a smaller house and remodeled it for a year, and moved to it in another Hingham neighborhood.

Interestingly, though this house was my home for 34 years and a big part of my life, as I write this a year after we sold it and moved out, I have never been back.

Click on the buttons for a tour of the house. The inside photos were taken when the house was for sale and parsely furnished.

Prior to living here we owned a small "Cape" in Weymouth, MA.