Cars I've Owned

  • I Googled all the cars I have owned and saved these photos
  • They are not the actual cars I had, just the same models (and most times even the same color)
  • They are listed in the order I owned them, from my first car in 1968 up to my current car
Cars I bought used ...

1953 Buick Special
(given to me by a friend in 1968 I just had to buy a battery)

1958 Morris Minor
(purchased in 1968, mine actually had same paint job)

1957 Volvo 444
(purchased in 1969)

1962 Buick Electra
(purchased in 1970, my first car with power windows;
I drove this car on a cross-country round trip)

1965 Pontiac Tempest
(purchased in 1972, driven cross-country when I came to Boston for
college in 1973—eventually impounded for unpaid parking tickets)

All cars above were owned in Seattle.
All cars below were owned in Boston. 

1973 Toyota Corolla
(after several carless years living in apartments in the city, I started living with
my girlfriend [now wife] Patti in Weymouth and commuted by car to Boston)

From this point on all cars were bought new...

1978 VW Rabbit
(Patti bought this, I still drove the Toyota)

1979 Volvo 745 DL
(I bought this with Patti, sold the Toyota, and drove the Rabbit)

1981 BMW 320i
(my first car that cost more than $10,000)

1986 BMW 528e
(from here on all cars have automatic transmissions)

1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee
(the first of several all-wheel-drive SUVs)

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee
(Alex took this car home to Brooklyn when I bought my next car)

2014 VW Tiguan
(photos of my actual car - and a funny story)