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  For years I had playable MP3s listed on my website, until I received the following in an email from my web-hosting provider. I have complied to prevent my website from being shut down.

September 19, 2007

[We] recently received notice under Section 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) alleging that the above website infringes upon copyrighted materials. We are asking that you remove all copyrighted materials and downloads from your website. Should you fail to act upon this notice within 24 hours we will be forced to temporarily suspend your account.

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My songs
I have moved my website to another hosting company since receiving that threat, but to play it safe I am still not sharing music here, and it appears I removed these songs just in time, because a week later I read this story about a woman who was found guilty of sharing music "illegally" and fined $220,000! My music has always been one of the big draws to my website, so I am taking away something that people loved, and after awhile the music search engines will no longer show me having these songs, so I know the number of my visitors will decrease. I am still sharing ringtones, which I believe is still safe because they are only snippets of songs. Thank you RIAA, for improving the quality of our lives.

Some (or all) of these songs are cached on SeeqPod and Project Playlist (which make them appear to still be on my website). Search those sites to listen to them.

  These are NOT PLAYABLE songs. I am keeping them here for the reference links and information I have provided.
Jazz Pop/Rock/etc. One-hit wonders Reggae/Ska Other
- Jazz is the most all-encompassing style of music, and will always remain my favorite. At the end of this section is a small group of excerpts from larger pieces including some outstanding solos.

  Return To Forever (12:06) – Chick Corea's Return To Forever (from Return To Forever, 1972)
  Bass Folk Song (9:43) – Joe Farrell (from Moon Germs, 1972, Stanley Clarke on bass)
  From The Lonely Afternoons (3:14) – Wayne Shorter (from Native Dancer, 1975, Milton Nascimento on vocal)
  Francisco (4:26) – Milton Nascimento (from the album Milton)
  O Que Será (4:06) – Milton Nascimento (with Chico Buarque, from the album Geraes)
  O Que Será (2:48) – Milton Nascimento (with Chico Buarque, from the movie Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands)
  Uri (The Wind)2 (6:14) – Flora Purim (from 500 Miles High, 1974)
  Do You Hear The Voices You Left Behind? (7:38) – John McLaughlin (from Electric Guitarist, 1978)
  It's Funny (4:22) – John McLaughlin (from Extrapolation, 1969, John Surman on soprano)
  Glancing Backwards (8:58) – John Surman, John McLaughlin (from Where Fortune Smiles, 1970)
  Guardian Angel (3:57) – McLaughlin / DiMeola / de Lucia (from Friday Night In San Francisco, 1981)
  I Wonder (3:03) – Mahavishnu Orchestra (from The Lost Trident Sessions, 1973)
  A Lotus on Irish Streams (5:38) – Mahavishnu Orchestra (from The Inner Mounting Flame, 1971)
  Awakening (3:32) – Mahavishnu Orchestra (from The Inner Mounting Flame, 1971)
  Song to John (6:02) – Stanley Clarke, Al DiMeola, Jean-Luc Ponty (from Rite of Strings, 1996)
  A guitar duet (5:14) – Sylvain Luc and Biréli Lagrène (from Jazz in Marciac, 2000)
  Individual Choice (4:43) – Jean Luc Ponty (from Individual Choice, 1983)
  Naima (15:06) – John Coltrane (from Live At The Village Vanguard Again!, 1966)
  Naima (4:26) – McCoy Tyner (from Plays John Coltrane - Live At The Village Vanguard, 1997)
  USO Dance (8:28) – Henry Threadgill (from the Wildflowers sessions, 1976)
  Portrait of Frank Edward Weston (9:16) – Randy Weston (from the Wildflowers sessions, 1976)
  Modern Times (7:31) – Gateway (John Abercrombie, Dave Holland, Jack DeJohnette) (from Homecoming, 1994)
  Nefertitti (9:35) – Chick Corea (from A.R.C, 1971)
  Vedana (7:32) – Chick Corea (from A.R.C, 1971)
  On The Nile2 (9:35) – Music Inc. (from Music Inc. & Big Band, 1970)
  Moody Modes (10:57) – Billy Cobham (Cobham with a big band, from A Funky Thide of Sings, 1975)
  The Creator Has A Master Plan2 (18:46) – Pharoah Sanders (Leon Thomas on vocals, from Karma, 1969)
  Fort Yawuh3 (9:55) – Keith Jarrett (live, about 1973, with a couple of very brief glitches)
  Phase Dance (8:22) – Pat Metheny (from Pat Metheny Group, 1978)
  Lone Jack (6:42) – Pat Metheny (from Pat Metheny Group, 1978)
  Helium (4:32) – Tin Hat Trio (from Helium, 2000)
  Fred2 (6:46) – Tony Williams Lifetime (from Believe It, 1975, Allan Holdsworth on guitar)
  Love Theme from Spartacus (3:52) – Yusef Lateef (we danced to this at our wedding)
  Freedom Jazz Dance (10:49) – Miroslav Vitous (from Infinite Search, 1969)
  Just A Little Lovin'3 (3:01) – Sarah Vaughan
  I Put A Spell On You2 (2:35) – Nina Simone
  What A Wonderful World (2:17) – Louis Armstrong
  Instrumental filler3 (1:01) – Earth, Wind, & Fire (I think I recorded this from an EWF album about 1978)
  Bluesette (4:23) – Toots Thielemans (live, Toots whistling and playing guitar)
  Milano Strut (7:30) – Don Pullen (from Milano Strut, 1978)
  Happy 'Cause I'm Goin' Home (11:21) – Charles Earland (from Intensity, 1972)
  Little B's Poem (3:49) – Doug & Jean Carn (from Infant Eyes, 1971)
     excerpts . . .  (see extract for tips on how I created these)
  Sometime Ago (2:18) – Stanley Clarke (bass solo from the song on the Return to Forever album, 1972)
  Funky Tonk2 (3:53) – Keith Jarrett (his outstanding solo from the song on the Miles Davis album Live-Evil, 1970)
  Love Is Everywhere2 (2:55) – Joe Bonner (his beautiful solo from the song on the Pharoah Sanders album Love in Us All, 1973)
  Bass Folk Song (0:57) – Stanley Clarke (bass intro from his song on the Joe Farrell album, Moon Germs, 1972)
  Moody Modes (2:16) – Alex Blake (bass solo with extensive use of double-stops & chords; entire song above)
  Samba da Rua2 (1:29) – Archie Shepp (from There's A Trumpet In My Soul, 1975)
  MacArthur Park2 (5:13) – Maynard Ferguson (Bruce Johnstone on bari, from Live at Jimmy's, 1973)
  Bluesette (2:07) – Rhoda Scott (one of the great Hammond organ players, from Live at the Olympia, 2002)
- This is sort of a catch-all section for various types of commercial music that also includes R&B and Country. I tried to separate out the Oldies but this section got too small so they are included here.
  Pink Floyd - Us and Them (live) (7:05) – Pink Floyd (from the 1987/1988 tour, released as The Delicate Sound of Thunder)
  Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing (3:27) – Buffalo Springfield
  I Can't Make You Love Me (4:15) – Bonnie Raitt (live)
  Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again (7:05) – Bob Dylan (from Blonde on Blonde, 1966)
  It's All Right (3:25) – The Traveling Wilburys
  Walk On The Wild Side (4:07) – Lou Reed
  Come Softly To Me (2:21) – The Fleetwoods (1959)
  Mr. Blue (2:27) – The Fleetwoods (an a cappella version of this beautiful song)
  My Favorite Mistake (3:48) – Sheryl Crow (voice and electric piano)
  Phantom Lover1 (3:34) – GrooveLily (listen to more of their music at
  Wild Horses (4:44) – The Sundays
  I Can't Tell You Why (5:09) – The Eagles (live)
  Killing Me Softly (4:46) – Roberta Flack
  Song For Our Ancestors (5:58) – Steve Miller Band
  Showdown (3:55) – Electric Light Orchestra
  A Song For You (4:08) – Leon Russell
  The Living Years (5:32) – Mike + the Mechanics
  Southern Man (5:25) – Neil Young
  Can't Find My Way Home (3:15) – Blind Faith
  Hey Joe (3:21) – Jimi Hendrix
  All Along The Watchtower (4:00) – Jimi Hendrix
  Cause We've Ended As Lovers (5:41) – Jeff Beck
  Bang, Bang (2:42) – Nancy Sinatra (from the movie Kill Bill)
  Embryonic Journey (1:55) – Jorma Kaukonen (from Jefferson Airplane's Surrealistic Pillow, 1967)
  So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad) (2:36) – Everly Brothers
  Wake Up Everybody (3:34) – Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes
  Get Together (4:37) – The Youngbloods (a real anthem of the peace & love era)
  The End Of The World (2:40) – Skeeter Davis
  The Crystal Ship (2:30) – The Doors
  Heroin (7:09) – The Velvet Underground (from 1967, Lou Reed on vocal and guitar)
  Omaha (2:45) – Moby Grape (a great San Francisco band of the 60s)
  Hey Grandma (2:31) – Moby Grape
  Lookin' for Love in All the Wrong Places (3:41) – Johnny Lee (from the movie Urban Cowboy)
  Secret Agent Man (3:05) – Johnny Rivers
  Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (2:24) – The Animals
  A Whiter Shade of Pale (4:00) – Procol Harum (the original mono recording, looking for stereo re-mix)
  She's Not There (2:24) – The Zombies
  River Deep, Mountain High (3:36) – Ike & Tina Turner
  You Are So Beautiful (2:42) – Joe Cocker
  Cool Water (2:53) – Sons of the Pioneers
  I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow (4:15) – Soggy Bottom Boys (from the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou?)
  Mr. Bojangles (3:33) – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
  Someday Soon (2:21) – Ian & Sylvia (from Northern Journey, 1964)
  Lovin' Sound (2:37) – Ian & Sylvia (in their folk-rock phase, 1968)
  Dueling Banjos (3:16) – Eric Weissberg & Steve Mandell (from the movie Deliverance)
  Black Mountain Rag (1:35) – Clarence White (from his bluegrass days)
  Sailor's Hornpipe (1:56) – Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass Boys (Bill Keith on banjo)
  One-hit wonders
- "hit" being the operative word here, as some of these artists had other fine recordings, but these are the songs they are known for
  Mule Skinner Blues (2:24) – The Fendermen (1960, artist info)
  Dancing in the Moonlight (2:52) – King Harvest (1973, artist info – this song is often mistakenly attributed to Van Morrison)
  Duke of Earl (2:25) – Gene Chandler (1962, artist info)
  Hey Paula (2:36) – Paul & Paula (1962, artist info)
  Louie, Louie (2:46) – The Kingsmen (1963, artist info)
  Surfin' Bird (2:22) – The Trashmen (1964, artist info, "Pa Pa Ooh Mow Mow")
  Dirty Water (2:43) – The Standells (1966, artist info)
  They're Coming to Take Me Away (2:12) – Napoleon XIV (1966, artist info)
  Classical Gas (3:05) – Mason Williams (1967, artist info)
  Fire (2:53) – The Crazy World of Arthur Brown (1967, artist info)
  (We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet (2:18) – Blues Magoos (1967, artist info)
  You Keep Me Hangin' On (3:01) – Vanilla Fudge (1968, artist info, a remake of The Supremes 1966 original)
  Journey to the Center of the Mind (3:36) – The Amboy Dukes (1968, artist info)
  In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (17:02) – Iron Butterfly (1968, artist info)
  MacArthur Park (7:28) – Richard Harris (1968, artist info)
  There's Something In The Air (3:54) – Thunderclap Newman (1969, artist info)
  Venus (3:07) – Shocking Blue (1970, artist info)
  Hot Rod Lincoln (2:43) – Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen (1972, artist info)
  Wildflower (4:11) – Skylark (1973, artist info)
  Midnight At The Oasis (3:46) – Maria Muldaur (1974, artist info, I loved her with Jim Kweskin)
  Lovin' You (3:20) – Minnie Riperton (1975, artist info)
  Don't Leave Me This Way (3:35) – Thelma Houston (1977, artist info)
  I Love The Nightlife (3:19) – Alicia Bridges (1978, artist info)
  Betty Davis Eyes (3:49) – Kim Carnes (1981, artist info)
  Come On Eileen (4:09) – Dexy's Midnight Runners (1982, artist info, has a great Ska remake)
  I Want Candy (2:46) – Bow Wow Wow (1982, artist info)
  Walking On Sunshine (3:53) – Katrina & The Waves (1983, artist info)
  Maniac (4:12) – Michael Sembello (1983, artist info)
  One Night In Bangkok (3:30) – Murray Head (1984, artist info, some interesting trivia)
  Take On Me (3:50) – a-ha (1985, artist info, has a great Ska remake)
  Don't Worry, Be Happy (3:54) – Bobby McFerrin (1988, artist info)
  What I Am (4:57) – Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians (1989, artist info)

  No Woman, No Cry (3:39) – Bob Marley & The Wailers (the original recording from Natty Dread, 1974)
  No Woman, No Cry (4:20) – Bob Marley & The Wailers (great Marley guitar on this up-tempo version)
  The Harder They Come (3:38) – Jimmy Cliff
  The Impression That I Get (3:15) – Mighty Mighty Bosstones
  Take On Me (3:01) – Reel Big Fish (a cover of the A-Ha song)
  Come On Eileen (4:08) – Save Ferris (a cover of the Dexy's Midnight Runners song)

  Adiemus (3:54) – Karl Jenkins (a great new age piece by composer Jenkins - watch video)
  Somewhere Over The Rainbow (5:06) – Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole (the great Hawaiian singer)
  Caprice No. 1: Andante (1:46) – Midori (one of Paganini's 24 Caprices)
  Caprice No. 24: Tema-Quasi Presto (4:43) – Midori (one of Paganini's 24 Caprices)
  Paganini Stomp2 (1:49) – Dave Apollon (a mandolin variation of Paganini's Caprice No. 24)
  O Fortuna (2:32) – Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (from Carl Orff's Carmina Burana)
  The Sacrifice (2:45) – Michael Nyman (from the movie The Piano)
  Flight of the Bumble Bee (1:04) – Winton Marsalis
  Cajun Bayou (4:16) – Buckwheat Zydeco
  Woo Hoo (1:58) – The's (from the movie Kill Bill)
  These Days (3:32) – Nico (from Chelsea Girl, 1967, used in the movie The Royal Tenenbaums)
  Memory (4:16) – Elaine Paige (from the Broadway musical Cats, see the video)
  Eight Miles High (3:37) – Leo Kottke
  Charlie on the MTA (3:18) – Kingston Trio (we have the CharlieCard in Boston now)
  Canon in D major (6:11) – Johann Pachelbel
  Moonlight Sonata (5:57) – Ludwig van Beethoven
     excerpts . . .  (see extract for tips on this)
  Kuyawa (0:54) – Yma Sumac (from an Inca love song)

1 This audio file is located on a remote server and still playable.
2 I ripped this from an analog audio tape or LP.
3 I originally tape-recorded this from radio (WBUR, WERS) in 1973-1975.